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The Gloria Record - Grace, The Snow Is Here 7" (1998)

Sonic, hypnotic and atmospheric. A rock band in the arena-sense. The Gloria Record formed in 1997, with Chris Simpson and Jeremy Gomez, friends since high school, casually making music with Brian Hubbard and Matt Hammon, two more longtime friends.

Fostered by their admiration for bands with big visions and bombastic sounds they abandoned any expectations, aspiring simply to make music that sounded fresh to their own ears.

In 1998 The Gloria Record released their debut single ("Grace, The Snow Is Here"), followed by a self-titled EP, both on crank!.

The next year and a half saw numerous lineup changes. In August 1998, Ben Houtman joined the band on piano, organs, and synthesizers. In spite of a revolving drumseat, TGR managed to complete two US tours before settling on Brian Malone as their permanent drummer. With solid lineup now in place, The Gloria Record offer this intricate yet graceful new EP: A Lull In Traffic.

TGR continuously show a maturity in structure and musicianship. They've found their place, with a sound reminiscent of both British contemporaries (Radiohead, Travis) and American indies (Seam). Crisp guitars blend with dynamic drumbeats, as Chris' impassioned voice glides along.

Grace, The Snow Is Here 7" recorded in the TGR practice room in Austin, TX, June, 1998. Includes the exclusive track "And Is It Ever".

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And is it ever beautiful...

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