Friday, July 27, 2012

Various Artist ‎– Bread: The Edible Napkin (1997)

This compilation came with '"No Idea'" fanzine #12.

I'm not sure whether it was necessary to post this compilation here, but anyway - it's a rare compilation, moreover, there is a Christie Front Drive, Braid, Hot Water Music, Still Life, Sideshow, Moonraker and many others.

Listen, drink tea and enjoy.


1. Hot Water Music - Floor (2:14)
2. Floor - Who Are You? (1:52)
3. No Empathy - Daddy's Got A Problem (1:36)
4. Ash County Sluggers - Achiever 9 (3:42)
5. Brutal Truth - Eggshells (2:42)
6. Christie Front Drive - Bag (4:08)
7. Cavity - Wounded (1:12)
8. Pung - Anthem For The Youth (2:33)
9. V-Card - Strap Me Down (2:41)
10. Floodgate - The Pessimist (1:44)
11. Against All Authority - Corporate Takeover (1:52)
12. Serpico - Double Negative (2:19)
13. Elmer - Let's Get In A Fistfight (2:10)
14. Gus (Canada) - Sinister Acts In Bright Sunshine (3:07)
15. Moonraker - Friendly Fire (3:46)
16. The Bruce Lee Band - Calling For Me (1:55)
17. Horace Pinker - Sloth (1:55)
18. Car Vs. Driver - Generis (1:50)
19. Locust - Inbred America (1:07)
20. Hope Springs Eternal - Loneliness Equals Coldness (3:41)
21. Jack With Killer - Stupid Heavy Metal 2 - Restriction (1:50)
22. King Friday - Lonnie (2:19)
23. Braid - Katy Cat (3:25)
24. The Lisa Killers - No One Gets Through (0:42)
25. Rhythm Collision - Jack (3:03)
26. Sideshow - Soar (5:03)
27. Skankin' Pickle - $13,000 Is A Lot Of Food (Live) (1:56)
28. Crunch - Furioso Zapping (1:00)
29. Threadbare - Sunstroke (3:15)
30. The End Of The Century Party - Doozer La, Doozer Do (1:25)
31. Still Life - Someone Stole My Bike (4:42)
32. Bombs Of Cheese - White People In The Park (0:53)
33. No Idea Fanzine - Nothing (0:04)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sense Field ‎– Building (1996)

On Building, Sense Field sound more like an emo band than on the jangly Sense Field; this time around, the tunes are shorter, harder, and more derivative of post-hardcore, featuring less-predictable arrangements. 
The group's calling card is vocalist Jonathan Bunch, who at times sounds like a serious, more sensitive Dexter Holland. The band succeed most when they combine their energy with memorable melodic ideas and arrangements, as they do on the concise "Different Times," the inventive "Shallow Grave," and the driving title track. Andy Wallace's mix adds punch and definition to the proceedings.

password: thelastwordisrejoice

Sense Field ‎– Sense Field (1994)

Sense Field have been pegged as an emo band, and, to their credit, they avoid most of the clich├ęs that plague other bands in the genre; Sense Field's emotionally resonant songs employ the spare, driving urgency of emo bands like Sunny Day Real Estate, but combine it with the tunefulness of more straightforward power pop bands like the Plimsouls. Musically, Sense Field is fairly conventional — a jangly, textured mix of electric and acoustic guitars washing over mid-tempo beats — but Jonathan Bunch's strident and frequently off-key vocals add the raw, keening tension that makes the "emo" tag appropriate.

Here's your chance to hear the first two, pre "Killed for Less," self-released demos on one record, plus two unreleased tracks.

Sense Field ‎– Killed For Less (1994)

California's Sense Field originally consisted of vocalist Jonathan Bunch, guitarist Chris Evenson, guitarist Rodney Sellars, bassist John Stockberger, and drummer Scott McPherson. They began playing together in 1990, forming from the ashes of Evenson, Stockberger, andBunch's prior group Reason to Believe. The following year the group released their self-titled EP on their own record label, Run H2O. Based on the EP's success and the group's consistent touring, Revelation Records distributed their 1993 mini-album Premonitions and released their full-length debut Killed for Less the following year. The group's first national and international tours preceded their second album, 1996's Building. A shift in bandmembers, however, plagued the band at the height of it all. McPhersonleft to play drums for Elliott Smith's band in 1999, allowing Rob Pfeiffer to step in. Several EPs and 7" singles — the Part of the Deal EP on the Grape OS label and a split release with Onelinedrawing — appeared before the decade's end. The year 2001 began on an up note, though. Tonight and Forever,Sense Field's fourth full-length, was issued on Nettwerk in summer 2001. While touring in support of the album the following summer, guitarist Rodney Sellars' daughter was seriously injured in a car accident and ended up in a coma, forcing Sellars to take a temporary break from the band. The remaining members of the band continued on, recording songs for a fifth effort. Living Outside, which appeared in July 2003, was produced by Brad Wood (Liz Phair, Smashing Pumpkins, Sunny Day Real Estate).

On this album, Sense Field accomplish what few other emo band accomplish: They successfully create an emotional and understandable musical message. The amazing thing about Sense Field is that they truly understand dynamics and don't just thrash around on full-throttle. Using dynamics allows the listener to truly appreciate the impact of the full-on rock. "Found You" and "Heather" are perfect examples of their musical abilities.

Sense Field ‎– Killed For Less (1994) 320kbps