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Various Artist ‎– Stay Tuned For The Holidays (A Crank! Sampler) (2000)

Collecting some of the best music on the Crank! label, Stay Tuned for the Holidays brings 17 young bands together to showcase their talents. This album is actually very interesting, as it basically shows off the bands who have now been influenced by the alternative music rush of the '90s. That influence can be felt all over, as the spirit of bands from Unsane to King Missile to the Goo Goo Dolls hang over the proceedings. Being what it is, there are a few weak tracks, especially towards the middle. But several artists manage to impress with their songwriting skills. Some of the more notable tracks include Gloria Record's fuzz pop gem "Arctic Cat," Far Apart's lurching emo rocker "Hazel," Icarus Line's brutal hardcore burst "We're Never Gonna Make It," and Christie Front Drive's angular noise ballad "Valentine." This is a pretty good compilation that features several young bands who could easily be the dreaded "next big thing." Still, it is always nice to be in on the ground floor, so anyone looking for a good collection of solid alternative rock songs from some promising young bands should look here.


1. Vitreous Humor - Sharin' Stone (4:11)
2. The Gloria Record - The Arctic Cat (4:52)
3. Far Apart - Hazel (5:44)
4. Errortype:11 - I Wonder How (To Make It Real) (3:10)
5. Onelinedrawing - Better Than This (Live) (3:51)
6. The Icarus Line - We're Never Going To Make It (Previously Unreleased Version) (2:41)
7. Cursive - Tides Rush In (4:02)
8. Fireside - Elevation (4:21)
9. Jupither - Friend (4:18)
10. Sunday's Best - Winter Owned (2:54)
11. The Vehicle Birth - Marathon (2:42)
12. Mineral - If I Could (5:59)
13. Acrobat Down - Beaver Falls Expected (2:49)
14. Silver Scooter - Bob's B.B.Q. (2:17)
15. Boys Life - Temporary (2:22)
16. Christie Front Drive - Valentine (5:17)
17. The Regrets - India Ink (4:20)

Various Artist ‎– Stay Tuned For The Holidays (A Crank! Sampler) (2000) 320kbps

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