Friday, August 03, 2012

Elliott ‎– If They Do EP (1999)

Just to show there were no hard feelings with its original label Initial Records, and to hold fans over until the release of full-length False Cathedrals in the summer of 2000, Elliott released If They Do (along with the companion single ("Will You" on Revelation) in the spring of 2000. "If They Do" is a 7" single on vinyl, with two new songs, "Waiting While Under Paralysis" and "As Arson." The CD version, however, turns into a 30-minute collection, with two previously unreleased tracks left off of the 1996 EP In Transit. "Lost Instrumental" delves into a lost art in rock, the instrumental, and "Halfway Pretty Acoustic" is, as it sounds, an acoustic version of "Halfway Pretty." The original In Transit version appears alongside another cut from that EP, "Watermark High," which best represents the band's powerful melodic hardcore. 

While the album is a bit disjointed (the songs recorded together don't appear together), and nothing can duplicate Elliott's awesome live presence, If They Do fits nicely into any indie rock collection.

Ron DePasquale


  1. Hi!, good blog! there is some chance to get this beauty again? rusfolder dont let me to download

  2. This was the first Elliot release I bought, loved it back then love it now. Thanks