Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Giants Chair ‎– Purity And Control (1996)

There are numerous ex-members of numerous bands from the mid '90s who look back on their entries in the indie-emo-post hardcore catalog and simply say, "Yikes." I know I do. And maybe they, like I, think about all the bands they aspired to sound like and whose sophisticated lyrical styles they attempted to copy, and how far from the target they landed. High on many a band’s envy list was Giants Chair's Purity and Control, which made so many followers think, "I wish I'd come up with that." Yeah, it was 1996 and plenty of Giants Chairs' tricks had been poured by bands prior, but where others noodled for creativity, this band's glowed in its basics: solid progressions of clever notes, almost everything treated for rhythm though melody seemed always job one. High-order lyrics lead to an inventive mid-program story based around the album's concepts of sight, sound, image and the lack of one or another. One may take Purity and Control for its gifted beats and melodies, but there's definitely more to absorb, and it's doubtful (it should be) that the band's ex-members look back and cringe, even a decade-and-a-half after the fact.

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