Thursday, December 20, 2012

Various Artist - ReDirection: A Polyvinyl Sampler (2001)

ReDirection provides an excellent overview of Polyvinyl's early releases with nineteen tracks that include six unreleased/rare songs from Aloha, AM/FM, matt pond PA, Pele and Sunday's Best. Also includes tracks from Rainer Maria, Braid, American Football and many others.

Straddling the indie and post-rock worlds (often one in the same, really), Chicago's Polyvinyl label has earned praise from a streak of releases from groups like Aloha, Radio Flyer, Paris, Texas, and the sadly defunct Braid. Tossed-off roster compilations from indie labels are a hot thing, but ReDirection instead serves notice to just how deep and diverse the fringe rock communities bubbling just under the mainstream radar actually are. From old-school punk to new new wave, through arty instrumental post-rock to studied indie pop, a good example of all of it is contained here. Of note are two cuts from the always dramatic Rainer Maria ("Artificial Light," "Breakfast of Champions") and a pair of power melodies from Sunday's Best ("Saccharine," "Sons of the Second String"). Should send you running to the nearest small, dingy, smoky club in your city to find out what you've been missing. Includes previously unreleased tracks from the Ivory Coast, Matt Pond PA, Pele, and AM/FM.
John Duffy


1. Sunday's Best - Saccharine (3:47)
2. The Ivory Coast - Swope (3:34)
3. Aloha - A Hundred Stories (2:54)
4. AM/FM - Come Suck Down A Cloud (3:54)
5. Radio Flyer - (312) (4:03)
6. Rainer Maria - Breakfast Of Champions (3:36)
7. American Football - Never Meant (4:18)
8. Matt Pond PA - A New Part Of Town (4:05)
9. Pele - The Mind Of Minolta (3:41)
10. Hey Mercedes - Stay Six (4:32)
11. Kerosene 454 - What Was (3:03)
12. Paris, Texas - Le Tigre (2:41)
13. Sunday's Best - Sons Of The Second String (4:01)
14. AM/FM - A Best Man (Put My Girlfriend On Fire) (2:58)
15. Rainer Maria - Artificial Light (3:38)
16. Braid - Killing A Camera (2:35)
17. Matt Pond PA - This Is Montreal (1:19)
18. Pele - Gas The Nutsy (6:50)
19. Aloha - Warsaw (5:18)


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