Monday, August 05, 2013

Sideshow ‎– Eggplants And Sunspots (1993)

Emo. Stupid name, but once a perfectly acceptable and listenable form of music. Perhaps time is turning the "e" word into a love/hate badge of pride, or it's still an incurable disease, I don't know. I would say the third wave has ruined it for everyone. Sure as hell ruined it for me.

So. Sideshow was a trio that hailed from Lincoln, Nebraska and along with KC's Boys Life and Giants Chair, were the "indie rock" faction of the Midwestern scene (a verbose way of saying "Sideshow was an indie rock band"). To my knowledge they put out four 7" singles, one vinyl album and two albums on CD. I would do an entire discography but I have no means of ripping vinyl right now, so you'll take what I give ya. I should mention that bass player Bernie McGinn operated the mighty Caulfield Records which also released the majority of the Sideshow discography.

As it was likely a love for Sideshow that brought you here in the first place, then i'll spare you my achingly inaccurate descriptions (except the mess above). If not, then bask in the sunny Midwestern greatness and decide for yerself.

Sideshow ‎– Eggplants And Sunspots (1993) 320kbps

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