Sunday, May 03, 2015

More midwest

In addition to well-known and significant midwest emo bands were a lot of good and interesting, but of little-known or underrated bands. Me and my friends are posting their music on a public page in a social network VK. On Mondays and Wednesdays - interesting and little-known bands, on Saturdays - significant and midwest emo mastodons (essentially the same as that in this blog). If you want, you can download the audio with plug-ins for your browser (VK Saver, for example).


  1. Thanks a lot! I'll be checking that out for sure. I've been following your blog for months, probably for over a year. I am grateful for the work you've put into this blog. I've always been wanting to listen to the lesser known bands (I must keep up the obscure-ness) so thanks again.


  3. Great page at VK. It would be great if you could please post the Brandtson albums here please. Thanks !