Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Genius Breed ‎– Days Of October (1999)

EP from Finland (!) band. Sound is an incredible mix of Texas Is The Reason, Sunday's Best, Strictly Ballroom, etc. This unknown band and an unknown album. But I listened it twenty times and I'm shocked to the core. You just must listen it. If anyone has any information about this band, and also has other records and releases, write about it in the comments. Enjoy!


  1. Awesome EP. I can't find anything about them anywhere.

  2. the released another ep (3 songs) called Take offs and landings in 2000. Those were the only 2 ep's they did

    1. I know, thanks :) Maybe you have a second EP? I only have two tracks of three, unfortunately.

  3. Hello! All Genius Breed songs ever recorded have been recently remastered and will be released soon. There will be 11 tracks on the compilation recorded between 1997-2003. Teemu/Genius Breed lead singer