Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Promise Ring – Very Emergency (1999)

Unfortunately, you will never see the Promise Ring the way they were in the days of Thirty Degrees Everywhere, but you can at least appreciate the good parts of what they have become. Their emotionally tense and sentimental edge has pretty much entirely disappeared; everything is happy, bouncy, and catchy as hell, which isn't always a bad thing. This excessively poppy direction that the Promise Ring boys take throughout this entire record was heavily hinted at on their three-song EP Boys & Girls. Perhaps one of the more upsetting things about this album is that the lyrics have lost that classic Promise Ring feel — they actually make clear sense a lot of the time. At times, the music just gets so poppy that it is sickening, such as in the sappy "bop bop bop" background vocals on "Skips a Beat (Over You)," and the references to the band members' names in an otherwise fairly decent song "Things Just Getting Good." Although three-fourths of the album is pretty much bad pop songs, it somehow grows on you, as those Promise Ring kids have the uncanny ability to do.

...After listening to "Very Emergency" you'll be destined to sing the songs all day long. This album is for anyone who is looking for an up-beat and well-worth buy. If you are a fan of Weezer, you will enjoy this band. So if you're looking for a great cd, be sure to keep Very Emergency in mind. It is definitely one of the best albums of 1999.

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  1. If you could put Wood/Water up, that'd be awesome.

    1. Ok, it's up ;)

  2. hello, any chance to reupload this album? thanks.

  3. for some reason, tracks 4 and 8 prompt error "password incorrect" though the other eight tracks unpack without error.