Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sense Field ‎– Sense Field (1994)

Sense Field have been pegged as an emo band, and, to their credit, they avoid most of the clichés that plague other bands in the genre; Sense Field's emotionally resonant songs employ the spare, driving urgency of emo bands like Sunny Day Real Estate, but combine it with the tunefulness of more straightforward power pop bands like the Plimsouls. Musically, Sense Field is fairly conventional — a jangly, textured mix of electric and acoustic guitars washing over mid-tempo beats — but Jonathan Bunch's strident and frequently off-key vocals add the raw, keening tension that makes the "emo" tag appropriate.


Here's your chance to hear the first two, pre "Killed for Less," self-released demos on one record, plus two unreleased tracks.


  1. Hey Holden, I lost all my mp3 and somewhat I lost a bunch of CDs over the years while moving from one country to the other so I wonder if you can send me the link to download this record? Thanks!

  2. How do u dl man link goes to sum russian page?