Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sense Field ‎– Building (1996)

On Building, Sense Field sound more like an emo band than on the jangly Sense Field; this time around, the tunes are shorter, harder, and more derivative of post-hardcore, featuring less-predictable arrangements. 
The group's calling card is vocalist Jonathan Bunch, who at times sounds like a serious, more sensitive Dexter Holland. The band succeed most when they combine their energy with memorable melodic ideas and arrangements, as they do on the concise "Different Times," the inventive "Shallow Grave," and the driving title track. Andy Wallace's mix adds punch and definition to the proceedings.

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  1. same on this one man, it is saying wrong password?

    1. What the hell is going on? I once again get message in the spirit of, "Hey, dude, wrong password!" Scared that I really made ​​a mess of things, I downloaded, entered the password and unpacked! Be a little careful! Password: "thelastwordisrejoice" (without the quotes). So what is so hard? If you copy the password directly from the page, make sure to copy only the password, and nothing else. Well, or enter, at least, the password manually. Enjoy!

    2. I massively appreciate the effort of you uploading this, but even without the quotation marks, and copy and pasted, and typed out it, it does not work for me. Very strange, other uploads you have made with this password do work for me, but not this and not sensefield and killed for less. Nevermind man.

  2. I am with you two been trying to get all the Jejune, Evergreen, and boys life.