Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Vitreous Humor ‎– Posthumous (1998)

The aptly titled posthumous release from indie-rock pioneers Vitreous Humor. A flagship band that still has it's hand in influencing new waves of rockers. If you haven't heard "Why Are You So Mean To Me?" yet, put on your seatbelt. This is the hit rock song that got away (even though Nada Surf made a fine attempt at turning it into a hit with their own personal version). Also, you've got to hear gems like "Sharin' Stone" and "Science Has No Soul". This band DEFINITELY knew how to write a song!
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For a posthumous odds-and-ends collection, Vitreous Humor's Posthumous is remarkably incomplete. It fails to include any of the three songs from the band's debut single, Harbor, as well as other studio recordings. But that's really the only complaint one could make about Posthumous — that there's not enough of it. While not particularly cohesive, almost all of the songs are striking. Particular mention should go to opening track "My Midget," a slow-burning, time-changing rocker, as well as the excellent "Science Has No Soul," which showcases lyricist Danny Pound's dark sense of humor. Also included is a bonus track by the Regrets ("Good Things Come to Those in Small Packages"), the band formed in the wake of Vitreous Humor, which had already broken up by the time Posthumous was released.
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It's ironic that the best release of their careers comes after their band breaks up. Such is the case with Topeka's Vitreous Humor, a band that's been together since the late '80s but has never released a full-length, until now. Posthumous is a collection of unreleased tracks that blend pop, grunge and rock into a slacker's sonic paradise. Imagine a weary, Midwestern version of Nirvana that never sold out. Every hook-filled track has at least one ass-kick guitar break or Feelies-style rhythm-guitar line. Danny Pound's quiet, intense vocals are the perfect match for an in-your-face guitar that slowly creeps up on you like an old, angry friend. Songs like "Sharin' Stone," "Why Are You So Mean to Me?" and "Fashion Anyway" are just plain fun pop songs that try to do little more than soothe your (leftover) teen angst.
It's a swan song that rocks.
Tim McMahan


  1. I can't get the link to take me to the download. When I click download it just says sign up! Are the links still mediafire?

  2. Strange problems with lix.in. But it's fixed :) From now on all links lead directly to the files :)

  3. Thanks man it worked now. I appreciate it! I love that you upload in 320. These bands deserve the best quality. I really enjoy the type of bands you upload, it's exactly the style I love. They shut down another blog I followed called Ihatethe90's. You're all I have left :( Please keep doing this I am a huge fan! I've yet to find a band you posted I haven't liked :)(Finding new music is one the things I enjoy most.)

    1. Enjoy! ;) My 320kbps - honest 320kbps :) I encode audio from FLAC (lame 3.99.4, encoding settings: -- silent-b 320-q 0 - noreplaygain - %d), or audio in 320kbps is received from trusted sources. I always try to find the highest quality recordings (as possible), although isn't always possible.
      As for ihatethe90s: there was an annoying thing. The man wrote a lot of posts, uploaded a sea of ​​stuff, but the fruits of his labor have sunk into oblivion. So it was with those enthusiasts whose blogs were closed after megaupload was closed. The Golden Era of free sharing is over. But you don't get upset. I see that my blog brings joy and fun - and it means that I'll continue to please all of you new and close-to-the-heart music ;)

  4. Link goes to web page in some non-english language. Have no idea what to do there. Sorry if this is a noob question, but, what do I do once there?

  5. Cool band. I ended up getting all the physical releases. From Harbor 7", Boys life/Vitreous humor 7", My midget/New Victoria theater 7" and both the s/t ep cd and posthumous CD. Wished there were more bands like these

  6. Can someone reupload this. I can usually find every thing I'm looking for but this one has me stumped.