Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Vitreous Humor ‎– The Vitreous Humor Self-Titled E.P. (1995)

Topeka, Kansas' Vitreous Humor was founded so long before anyone ever heard of them that it is almost embarrassing.

Danny, Dan, and Brad founded the band sometime in the late 1980s. They went through several bass players (Darren, Rob, Wally, Greg) until finally Brad decided to play the bass himself in 1993 and changed the group's lineup from a quartet to a trio. In the summer of 1994, Brooks joined the band and Vitreous Humor developed the new sounds that they wanted to make with a wonderful interplay and a more complex dynamic between the instruments. (Plus, they got a hell of a lot louder, too.)

It was at about that time that VH released the closest thing to a full-length record they would produce, a seven-song ep. They started playing shows with the likes of Urge Overkill, Everclear, and Archers of Loaf. Faster than you can say "South By South West", the majors came running at full speed.

Perhaps it was all of this industry attention that began the friction which ultimately destroyed the band. No one was having fun anymore and people started jumping ship. And then Danny punctured his lung. Twice. Nothing was good anymore.

Brooks left the band. Brad left the band. Months later the original trio (Danny, Dan and Brad) resurfaced in the form of The Regrets, holding a sound altogether different than their previous incarnation, if they really ever knew where that was in the first place.

This is the first release from KS' indie-rock legends & heroes, Vitreous Humor. Vitreous paved the way for a genre that loves to bite, but forgets to tip their hats to the predecessors that made it all possible. Recorded by Bob Weston in some drug-den-converted-to-a-studio in Lawrence, KS.

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