Monday, January 02, 2012

Mineral - Emo's in Austin TX - 10/26/97 (1997)

This is a DVD ISO Image was made of Mineral's last show at Emo's in Austin,TX on 10/26/97. This was encoded off a VHS tape. This was just made for the fans to enjoy. If you need help burning the ISO to DVD, download ImgBurn from 


1. Introduction
2. Five, Eight, and Ten
3. Palisade
4. Slower
5. February
6. M.D.
7. Gloria
8. Unknown Song
9. Unfinished
10. If I Could
11. Parking Lot

Mineral - Emo's in Austin TX - 10/26/97 (1997)

eternal thanks to geniusofthecrowd

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  1. This video was shot from the back of Emo's on some stationary object, perhaps a tripod.

    There is a second circulating angle that was filmed from the front of the venue. The audio is somewhat superior to that of this source, and the camerawork is intelligent and well-considered. The video was recorded by a videographer named Carlos who worked around Austin circa 1997.

    That second angle is available for download in DVD form at the following location: Mineral102697DVD. That DVD also includes the Promise Ring set which took place before Mineral took the stage.



    If you or anyone you know attended or recorded a Mineral show, please contact me via email. My address is I'm looking forward to hearing from you!