Monday, January 02, 2012

Mineral - Singles (1994 - 1998)

1994 - Gloria 7"

A Gloria
B Parking Lot

1997 - Mineral / Jimmy Eat World / Sense Field 7"

1. Mineral – Crazy (Willie Nelson Cover)
2. Jimmy Eat World – Secret Crush
3. Sense Field – Every Reason

320 kbps

1998 - February / M.D. 7"

A February (March Version)
B M.D.

1998 - &Serenading 7"

A &Serenading
B Love My Way

password to all: thelastwordisrejoice


  1. the february/md split is the best thing they ever put out

  2. 1998 - February / M.D. 7" link ain't working for me :(

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  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog. This makes my heart so happy. Please don't ever take it down.

    1. You embarrassed me! I'm extremely pleased that my blog brings joy to people. It is infinitely pleasant: we doesn't see each other, it is possible that we live thousands of miles apart, but we are rejoice with the same music and perhaps we are experiencing the same feelings. Once again thank you for your kind words. To paraphrase Mineral, I say: "There is only comment and the words that bleeds from your heart
      Makes me want to never take it down"

  5. Thanks. The Last Word is Rejoice. :)