Monday, January 02, 2012

Mineral - The Power Of Failing (1997)

Mineral formed in 1994 and like other young bands, they toured constantly, virtually living in their van. The band's first release, the 7 inch "Gloria"/"Parking Lot" 7", was released on Audio Concept by Kerry McDonald from Christie Front Drive (the record was later re-released by Caulfield Records). Through a few rabid fans, that 7" found it's way into the hands of crank! and Mineral later decided to release their records on the label.

Their first full length "The Power Of Failing", was recorded in 6 days in October 1995, followed by a split 7 inch with Jimmy Eat World and Sense Field shortly after when the three bands hit the road together.

"The Power Of Failing" is a keystone album from Mineral. They were known for their beautiful, driving melodies, heart-penetrating lyrics, incredible vocals, and an overall sense of power that emanated from their music. Although the structure is relatively simple most of the time, it is the essence of the music which overwhelms. On "Gloria," one can just feel the strength of emotion, with lyrics such as "I just want to be something more than the mud in your eyes." The wailing "Parking Lot" is the band at their shining best. This album is deservedly considered by many an essential addition to any emo collection.

Mineral - The Power Of Failing (1997) 320kbps

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