Friday, July 05, 2013

How to download from Rusfolder

Due to the increasing requests for help.

1. Use Google Translate
2. Copy the link of the file you want to download and paste to Google Translate
3. Click "Translate" button

I very hope that now everything is clear.

P.S. I know that rusfolder little uncomfortable. But it does have a number of important advantages: unlimited storage and the ability to extend the storage life of files. But most importantly, guys from rusfolder don't care for copyrights.

I hope for your understanding and patience. 
Thank you for what you are near to me, despite the fact that some so far away.


  1. I've tried this a hundred times now. Can't get it to work. Ever. Thanks for the blog, though. Reminds me of bands to go look somewhere else for...

  2. RusFolder works 'Super Dooper' for me.
    Thanks for all thwe good music.
    Look for this bit, and open new window,

    Просмотреть рекламу>>
    Then click on any of the underlined Titles,
    A 30 second counter will begin at the top of the screen,
    this will appear where the numbers were,
    нажмите сюда
    Open new window,
    Fill in the captcha numbers.
    Ask mummy to help.